GM Simmons Co | Local Business Optimization
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Local Business Optimization

Optimize your Business, not just your Website

With the web becoming more and more “local” oriented, it’s important to re-consider not only how but what you optimize for people to find you on the web. No longer can you just optimize your website, you have to optimize your entire business.


Things like local directories, maps and voiced activated devices like smart phones make it essential that you have a presence in many different arenas.


With GM Simmons Company’s Local Optimization, we set up and maintain optimization for your entire company in over 40 localized web directories like

  • Google Maps
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Yellow
  • Yelp
  • Facebook

We also locally optimize your website (it must be either a site we built or a WordPress site that we have admin access to) to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as localized schema markup that relays your information across the web.


It’s important to have your information in each of these up to date, correct and standardized across the online spectrum. With our service we do all of that for you and maintain it for prime efficiency. And we do so at a fraction of the cost of traditional SEO.


Plus we include photos, 360 degree photos and video (if available) to all your listings that allow these to be added. This gives online visitors a virtual way to visit your business, before they even leave their home.


The online climate is changing. Local SEO makes sure your business changes with it.

Some of the common questions and answers  regarding our Local SEO services

How does Local SEO differ from the more traditional SEO?

Traditional SEO is more keyword centered, thus your efforts are limited to only one or two keywords, and the competition is fierce. It’s also a constant battle to keep ahead of the game because search engines like Google are constantly changing. It’s very easy to lose all of your efforts in one day just because of an algorhthym change.

Local SEO is more location based. Search engines today are mainly concerned with providing information that is relevant to the location of the business to the searcher and the service or product that the searcher is looking for.

With our local SEO service we put both your location and your services/products in the right places online so that you will be found when someone searches for them.

Will I be able to track my businesses progress?

Yes, we have a client log in area where you can go to get stats on the effectiveness of your campaign, and also some other great features like online review generation and moderating reviews from one central location.

Why is SEO a monthly cost instead of just a one time payment?

With any online efforts it’s important to remain fresh, stay ahead of the game with the search engines, and constantly update information based on new procedures or products.

It’s the same with Local SEO. As your business changes you need to make sure that those changes are relayed to your customers and prospects online.

Also, it’s important to reply to online reviews in a timely manner. And our client login area gives you a place where you can respond to all your reviews from one central panel.

So for the small price we charge monthly for our Local SEO services, you get a big return on investment by staying on top of localized searches centered around your business.

What happens if I decide to stop?

As with all of our services EVERYTHING is done in your own accounts that you control. The same thing with our Local SEO efforts.

If you should ever decide to leave us, everything we have done up to that point will remain intact.

You will however lose any future updates from us as well as your ability to login to your panel for results and moderation.


  • One Time Setup Charge

    All necessary setup to insure your business has the best chance to get in front of your target audience

  • Monthly

    Monthly optimization of your Business online plus access to login area of our website for results and review generation

Want more information on our Local Business Optimization or any other of our web development services? Fill out the form below with your information and we’ll get in touch with you. Or you can call us at (904) 469-7785